University of Salento, Italy
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Available Theses

I can provide prospective students with a thesis related to sequential, parallel and distributed data mining. Interested students may also ask for a thesis regarding security and cryptography. The thesis may also be strictly related to parallel and distributed computing, including cloud, P2P and IoT.

Ph.D. Applications

Want to pursue a Ph.D. ? Interested students may work with me doing research strictly related to parallel and/or distributed computing, data mining and security. Come to my office and talk with me regarding opportunities and research themes. The application process for the Ph.D. in Engineering of Complex Systems requires writing a research proposal that will be evaluated by a committee; successful candidates will be interviewed and a final ranking published, stating the winners of the available scholarships. It is worth noting here that a properly written research proposal aims at proving that your knowledge of the selected research topic is rock-solid. On the other hand, the proposal must clearly state and highlight your ideas and plans for the Ph.D., identifying the problems that you want to face during your research. Make sure that the committee in charge of reviewing your application fully understand that you are motivated, that you have a solid background, and that you have carefully planned how to start working on the problems identified. That said, remember the following key points: 1) you are not required to write a lengthy book, so keep it short; ideally, a proposal's length should be around 6-8 pages. Conciseness is an extremely appreciated virtue in scientific circles. 2) The structure and organization is important as well; start with an introduction, a bird's eye view of the research area and then report related work, in terms of both positive and negative results derived by prior researches. Define the problem(s) you are going to investigate, and clearly state why existing techniques/algorithms etc are not adequate and/or limited. Finally, discuss how exactly you plan to do your research on the subject. Do not be overambitious: remember that your goals must be achievable and that you have a three year horizon to write your Ph.D. thesis.

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